Lady Despina

Tribute / gifts

Gift me, slave!

Whether secret admirer or self-confessed admirer, for a special occasion or just because. It is always the right time to please your mistress. And let's be honest, giving presents is at least as much fun for you ;-). Just look at my wish list. I am also happy about vouchers. So make your goddess and yourself happy and surprise me with your gift and maybe even a private dedication if you dare.


I am always happy to receive vouchers. Make me happy by purchasing one of the following vouchers and sending it to me via message:

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tribute payment

No matter whether it is your duty as a pay slave or whether you just want to make me a little happy as a loyal servant and subject: Here you can and must pay your tribute! Show me your subservience by sending a tribute!

There is always a reason for paying tribute to your mistress. Here is just a small excerpt of the most important reasons:

• You want to show me how much you appreciate my work. So something like videos, photos, slave education in general, my ideas and updates, etc.

• Even if you owe me money, you can pay your debt with the tribute button.

• You made mistakes and want to make things right. Again, you can appease me by sending me a tribute payment.

• Also, a tribute payment is always a good way to get even more attention from me and gain your favor.

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