Lady Despina

Shipping item

Laundry, toys and other shipping items

Here you will find endless addictive material... Everything for individual chastity, shoes, nylons, underwear, etc. - naturally worn and fragrant. There are also pee specials, saliva and pre-chewed or crushed food. And last but not least, you will also find fan articles such as autograph cards, wall calendars and many, many other things that bring me closer to you. Have a look around and then shop according to your desires.

Orders and shipping items are always sent absolutely discreetly and airtight by Deutsche Post or DHL. Shipping to packing stations or post boxes is of course no problem.

Are you looking for something specific that cannot be found in my shop? Dare and just talk to me about it in the chat. Who knows, maybe I'll grant you your wish.


You want my scented laundry? Here you can buy worn lingerie such as panties, thongs and thongs, worn bikinis or bras. In addition, there are also panties of my choice, where I make the selection. Of course, everything is carried by me and immediately afterwards sent to you in an airtight, discreet and vacuum-sealed package. You will never be allowed to be that close to me in real life, I hope you realize that!

body fluids - slave eating

Here you will find everything that has to do with bodily fluids such as pee and saliva. In addition, there is a lot of different slave food. So if you have a spit fetish, you can order my spit. For pee lovers there is the possibility to have a sample delivered to your home. Everything is sent discreetly and in a sealed bag. The package doesn't say anything about what it might be.

chastity and control

Here you will find everything related to chastity such as penis cages, locks, key safes, chastity belts, disposable locks and you can also download a chastity contract that determines your time as a chaste slave.