Lady Despina


My kingdom - my rules!

As a divine mistress, it is my pleasure to explore the strengths, weaknesses, passions and limits of my counterpart and to play creatively with this knowledge. Every encounter is different, every game is new and every subjection works with different, always new, attractive laws.

Despite all the diversity, there are basic rules that require a certain basic submission of EVERY slave and EVERY slave candidate...

§1: The aim and task of the slave is to amuse Lady Despina! You are obliged to submit to my will. Your ultimate goal is to improve my well-being and mood.

§2: Since I am far above you, you must always and in any case address me in the respectful you form and of course be honest with me at all times and show good manners. You will also call me Lady Despina, Goddess Despina or Mistress Lady Despina and address me as such.

§3 You, as my slave candidate, have to register on my site and properly introduce yourself to me. You will tell me your likes, dislikes, limits and secret desires openly and accurately via my messenger. I will carry out your training within these limits, but may also consider expanding them if I have the impression that you can and should do so. You will tolerantly endure what I ask of you for my well-being and my amusement. You will signal me with caution and respect when you reach your limits.

§4: After you introduced yourself to me, you have to pay an inaugural tribute - a decent inaugural gift goes without saying. Let yourself be inspired by my wish list. A quick tribute is also welcome.

§5: Lady Despina's needs come first! I will submit you to my will. For this I will take appropriate training, control and breeding measures. No matter what task the slave receives from me, he will always carry out the task requested by his goddess, assume the desired position or any other request without delay. You do everything - no matter what - for me, your mistress!

§6: You remember my preferences and adjust your behavior accordingly! You will try everything to get to know and satisfy my preferences and my taste. As a result, you will develop more and more in the direction of my preferences. You will learn to do and love things that I like.

§7: You are subordinate to me, always inferior, you have to submit to me completely and to obey me always and unconditionally. I as your mistress and goddess am everything for you, I am your life, your air, your fulfillment and at the same time your worst nightmare! You can't do without me and you have to be grateful for every second of my time that I give you attention. I'll take care of you whenever I think it's right and/or appropriate! Until then, you either have to be patient or just try harder.

§8: What do you get from me and what can you expect from me? You have NOTHING to expect from me! I am so much better than you and let you feel that again and again. The only thing you'll get from me is the certainty that I'll take what I want! I take what I want and I always get what I want! I am everything, you are nothing! I don't need you - but you can't live without me. You are dependent and addicted to me and you will show me that as often as possible - in whatever form.

§9: As my slave, you will regularly find out how you can be of service to me, your mistress and mistress. I will then decide whether you are worthy of that day and whether you can fulfill a task for me. If this is not the case, you will ask your goddess again for the care and attention on the following days.

§10: Lady Despina's dignity and property are inviolable! My will, my body, my clothing and objects in my possession are to be treated with the utmost respect. Should you be granted the honor of an audience at any point in your pathetic life, you will ensure that your every action is imbued with the utmost respect.

§11: Lady Despina's rules of conduct must be observed from day one! It is not necessary to memorize the rules verbatim, but it is necessary for you to internalize them very quickly. Rule violations are noted at the first contact and, if necessary, punished.