Lady Despina

Audio files

There are audio files in MP3 format that you can easily save and listen to on your smartphone or tablet. It's about erotic teasing, ASMR - acoustic sensory stimuli, triggers, brainwashing & manipulation, erotic twilight, psychotalk, verbal eroticism, BDSM wisdom, dominant jerk off instructions and lots of mental cinema / fantasies. You are welcome to tell me your ideas and wishes in the chat.

Are you looking for something specific that cannot be found in my shop? Dare and just talk to me about it in the chat. Who knows, maybe I'll grant you your wish.

Audio teasing / verbal eroticism

I take you through erotic stories on attractive fantasy journeys or gag you to me with erotic teasing for your ears. Let my beguiling voice get you hooked and enjoy my wicked way.

ASMR / Trigger / Manipulation

Sexuality takes place above all in the head! My ASMR audio files are something fascinating. Your thoughts fly into another world from which you no longer want to escape. My triggers enable you to experience your individual sexual preferences and fantasies intensively.

Audio Dominance / Tasks and Instructions

Dominance and various slave tasks can also be easily integrated into everyday life. Listen to my audio files and do your tasks.
Are you looking for audio tasks for a fetish that are not listed here? Dare and just talk to me about it in the chat. Who knows, maybe I'll grant you your wish.

Wake-up calls / BDSM wisdom

Here you will find all the wake-up calls and lots of BDSM wisdom from your mistress. For the perfect start to the day, a slave needs my dominant voice, of course, and that right when I get up. You will load these Mp3 files onto your smartphone and add them as ringtones to your alarm clock. Have fun, slave!