Lady Despina

About Lady Despina

Lady Despina - spirited, beguiling and dominant

I am a classic mistress, content creator, tech dominatrix, boss lady, fetish artist, performance artist and tough businesswoman. I love playing with my slaves and pushing them to their limits with passion and emphasis.

As a mistress, I love the lustful power imbalance between mistress and slave. I enjoy my BDSM session of dominance, submission and lustful devotion. You will feel this authenticity with every fiber of your body and thank me on your knees.

Let yourself be fascinated by my wickedness and beguiling nature. I love mindfuck/brainfuck - driving you into lustful madness is my satisfaction.Do you already feel them, the invisible shackles and chains winding around your body? Soon you will be completely at my mercy! I make your mind and your body the plaything of my lust and penetrate deep into your soul.

Changeability and versatility are among my strengths that you will be confronted with. I'm cheeky and humorous, but also beastly, strict and consistent.

You will find in me the bittersweet goddess in all her perfection, for which you always longed and yet never found. So hope and pray that I will take you into my slave pen! If so, a lot will change for you, slave contender!

Submissive and extreme slaves are in good hands with me as well as BDSM newcomers. As long as you follow my rules, you don't have to worry.

Here is a small excerpt from my BDSM preferences, practices and fetishes:

  • Black: The classic BDSM game of dominance & submission;
  • Vinyl, latex, spandex, imitation leather Fetish: Everything that looks sexy, shines or feels hot;
  • Findom / Financial Dominance: Your life is there to sacrifice yourself to me;
  • Mindfuck: drive you insane with brainfuck;
  • cleaning/housekeeping slaves: slaves who do my dirty work;
  • Ballbusting: kicking the testicles, which are presented without protection and defence;
  • High heels: Preferably boots and booties;
  • CBT: Cock and Ball Torture;
  • Tech Domme / Technical Dominance: Controlling your technique to make you compliant;
  • Feminization: train DWTlers and TV whores;
  • Petplay: Slave is raised as a pet and much more.

My key data:

Origin: Germany / Greece (You have to address me in German!)

Birthday: 29.5. (You should remember this one well, because it will also be your most important day of the year!)

Name day: 15.08. (With us southerners, the name day is celebrated in a similar way to a birthday)

Marital status: assigned to Alpha, mother of 2

Original occupation: medical doctor

Star sign: Gemini

Eye color: green-grey-blue
Shoe size: 37.5
Region: Rhein-Neckar district (Baden Württemberg)
Character: cheeky, beastly, dominant, extremely versatile, ambitious, consistent, malicious, strict

I love: gifts, tributes, obedient/loyal slaves
I hate: unreliability, dishonesty, freeloaders